Waking Up

Awakening is the beginning of a journey to Spiritual recognition, not a destination to be attained but a journey to be traveled. Breaking free from the herd and taking the other road, lifting the veil from the depths of darkness and deceit. Awakening is not knowing how much you do know is knowing how much you don't know. The destination is in the "Now", the present moment, the gifts that what we are offering and doing in this moment and time, that is an Awakened life, the Conscious Awareness of living from the Heart, transformation of Ego to Self, "the Truth" "Love" The fuel that carries the Soul to its journey through the human body to recognize the Spiritual in all... The continuous momen

Healing 1, 2, 3

Why some people take longer to heal than others. In some cases the person is still holding on to their ailments, this can manifest itself in many different ways, be-it physical, mental and emotional. If the person is not willing to surrender and see what is beneath the surfaced the situation will remain as a constant reminder and present itself in many other forms, until the individual makes the necessary changes. Here are the 3 main reasons why some people have difficulty healing. 1. Resistance to change. Fear of change and breaking conditioned ways of thinking and traditions. Believing that life is unfair and meant for suffering. That you are being punished and believe that you are not wor

Fly, fly away.

The Mommy bird creates a nest to lay her eggs to birth her young, She shelters them from harm, she chews the food before she feeds them so the young can digest properly, She teaches them to find food, shelter and spread their wings and fly, Some of the young listen, watch and learn and fly away with comfort and ease, so the Mommy bird is proud and lets them leave. Some of the young are in a hurry to explore and leave the nest sooner and the Mommy bird lets them leave but watches them from afar, but is always there when they need food, shelter and pick them up when their wings fail. Some of the young have fear and hesitate to leave the comfort, security and warmth of the Mommy bird...so she t

Shine the Light

This past Lunar eclipse cycle has brought about many hidden shadows and buried issues, I feel it upon myself and the people around me. Do you feel it too??? It is a time of revision and resolution, just like building a home ...a time to finish what was started, a time to touch things up to refresh and make new again or crumble it down and start over. When situations from the past are not resolved they come back in a different form but same feeling, giving us another opportunity to make the correction. This is all part of our Soul journey and part of the experience we came to have. If we took a detour now the road came back to meet us. Unless we take the time and energy to look deep and fix i

The Challenges and the Glory

The Life of a Teacher/Spiritual guide comes with many challenges and lessons. We are human beings just like everyone else, managing our own path and growth. A Teacher is always a student and the challenges are the lessons they teach to the students. We encounter many people in our circle and are often put in situations where disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicting situations arise. Energies are high and sensitivity is fragile. A Teacher cannot change the way people think and act, but as a Teacher our duty is to show compassion and find harmony for the well being of ALL, even if this means separation in order to neutralize the situation. We as Teachers have the responsibility to teac

Healing the Heart

February, the month of Love and romance. I'd like to bring to light the Power of LOVE, the only thing that matters, the Power that will end all conflicts, the Power that will end all wars, within the self and the world we live in. How do we get in that state of pure bliss and compassion? As humans we are in conflict with ourselves every day, how can we see beyond the Human ego? How can this state of being be achieved? If there is a will there is a way... the way is with a simple mantra, a mantra that comes from ancient Hawaii practice called the Ho' Oponopono. It is the recognizance that we all come from the One Source, One Breath, One Light of Divine Creator. The Ho' Oponopono is a method o

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