Reiki On!

Once again this week I've had the pleasure in initiating another wonderful group of Reiki Level ll practitioners. My proudest moments by far is seeing the students with their certificate in hand! Over the years of teaching Reiki, the most challenging and rewarding for me is teaching Level 1. it's like giving a present that keeps on giving, the students can use for the rest of their lives, the Gift of deep and intimate connection with the Divine Universal Power that IS, WAS and always will BE. I've witnessing the overwhelming flow of emotions the students experience during the attunement ceremony. Every student experiences this in their own unique way...the "ah ha" moments, the visions of Div

The Ascension

This past month of March has been the most intense so far...are you feeling it too? There were so many planets shifting, moving and re-aligning not to mention the Mercury going retrograde, which we're still in till April 15. My body almost went on total shut down, the battle of Body versus Mind...and Soul versus Everything!!! Unresolved feelings re-surfaced giving me a chance to step back and once again review and revise and once and for all take the steps to heal old wounds and make peace with decisions made in the past and without regret as all IS and WAS meant to unfold as such. The overload of thoughts were forced to take a back seat in order to heal the body, the Higher Self stepped in

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