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Light up your Rainbow

Hi my dearest lovely souls

Hope you are all well,

There are many theories to this pandemic scientific, political, religious, whatever it is we might never know,

It is intensified by all the media and daily talk by the public, this increases the frequency of the virus.

Let’s turn this around and talk about the solution not the problem.

This week was one of overwhelming HOPE and FAITH, a deep feeling of humility, understand and gratitude.

I want to share this with you no matter where you are right now in your life, I feel everyone can do this, we can all do this collectively.

We can rise above all obstacles and see this Light at the end of the Rainbow.

Our Universe alway works in perfect harmony and beauty, it is in continuous highest frequency, we must connect to this frequency in order to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit

The message that Master Usui, the founder of Reiki, teaches us.

We can reach a higher vibration by simply following the “Precepts“

What you can do today will ripple into tomorrow...

Forgive yourself and others

let go of Anger,

let go of Fear

let go of Worry work diligently and honestly

Be Grateful

open your Heart to Love

by doing so you release the darkness and make space to receive the Light and you are raising the vibrational frequency of yourself and raising the energetic field of the world.

By increasing the frequency of gratitude, kindness and love in humanity here on earth

Connect to the Eternal Universal Life Force energy to our Almighty Divine Creator.

You will increase your immunity your mental and emotional well-being,

anything below that frequency decreases the immune system, and becomes a potential environment for illness and disease.

The universe is always in perfect balance we must continuously be in connection with it.

God is the perfect mathematician all is calculated, all is returned to Harmony.

You might feel that the Earth is broken it is NOT it is REBALANCING

everything is energy, Vibration and frequency

it is our own energy that brings forth unbalance polluting the frequency with our actions and thoughts.

Your body is the best compass, listen to your gut, listen to your heart

The Chakras have all the colours of the Rainbow, in order for us to find the Light we must work with our chakras

each chakra holds feelings, a memory, a hurt, a pain,

once released, we find the Light.

That light that is God's light, God's love which is the eternal Healing and Harmony and Balance.

The Light that shines in your Eyes,

the Light of Your Soul,

the Light in Your Heart.

That is what you will find at the end the RAINBOW

You have within yourself



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