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Healing the Heart

February, the month of Love and romance. I'd like to bring to light the Power of LOVE, the only thing that matters, the Power that will end all conflicts, the Power that will end all wars, within the self and the world we live in.

How do we get in that state of pure bliss and compassion? As humans we are in conflict with ourselves every day, how can we see beyond the Human ego? How can this state of being be achieved?

If there is a will there is a way... the way is with a simple mantra, a mantra that comes from ancient Hawaii practice called the Ho' Oponopono. It is the recognizance that we all come from the One Source, One Breath, One Light of Divine Creator. The Ho' Oponopono is a method of erasing the conditioned habitual beliefs and karma from our past, that we brought forth into action. A method of reconciliation and taking full responsibility for what we bring to existence, a method of cleansing and resetting the errors of thought, to put things right, correct, revise, adjust, rectify to the state of New beginnings, bringing our Hearts back to Zero, creating a Void and Space for the Light to shine through.

We are all responsible for what we bring forth, what we attract to our self and reflect upon others.

Repeat this mantra daily as many times as needed, in silence or out loud.

Use these words whenever negative feelings, thoughts and difficult situations arise.


I AM SORRY... for not recognizing what is in you is also in me, if I have harmed you in any way knowing or unknowingly through my own actions, that have brought forth your own conditioned beliefs and memories.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME...As I forgive you and forgive myslef, for all situations and circumstance that contributed to these feelings and thoughts.

THANK YOU...For understanding and giving me another chance so I can release and let go to Higher Power.

I LOVE I love myself, because we are ONE.

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