What do YOU Believe?

I'm often asked what do I believe to be true... All I can say is what I know to be true is through my own experiences. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend... I am living and I will die, my life serves a purpose to myself and to others. What I believe to be true I am here to learn lessons from all my experiences, That the there IS a Higher Power, I am a Speck from one Spark and given Life from one Breath, created on purpose, The Universe is a never ending force that flows within me, that is where I came from and always be part off. What I believe to be true I have a place in this world, I chose my path and my mission on this journey, is to accomplish it, Everything in m

On the flip side of PAIN

I came across this poem I got from my Reiki Master Teacher Sister Marielle Patenaude. We have all experienced and will continue to experience many forms of "PAIN" in our life time. Here is a different perspective from the "PAIN" side...so next time "PAIN" comes knocking at your door... The Pain Monologue Hi it's me, "Pain" do you recognize me? But yes! Everyone has made my acquaintance at sometime or another. Its been said that I am cruel, How mean! They try to silence me by every means; some anesthetize with drugs, medication and alcohol others call for help from doctors, healers and charlatans, without mentioning the burning of incense and chanting of sermons. All that, for what? To purify

My Space

I would like to share with you some pictures of my Space...

Message from the Soul

This past week I've been contemplating what to write on my insights page. With my mind on overload, causing a cyclone of nonsense, something wasn't aligning, my thoughts were scattered and unfocused, I kept hearing the words "STOP, PAUSE, NOT NOW..." echoing in my head. I decided to put it off and not think any more, put the task aside for another time. As I went through my day I was sorting some old notes and papers, this poem fell out, a poem that I saved many years ago, It was a clear message from my Guides and Angels, the Words from my Soul...the message that all make sense, the message I've been ignore to listen too. SLOW ME DOWN SLOW ME DOWN Ease the pounding of my heart by the quietin

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