Light up your Rainbow

Hi my dearest lovely souls Hope you are all well, There are many theories to this pandemic scientific, political, religious, whatever it is we might never know, It is intensified by all the media and daily talk by the public, this increases the frequency of the virus. Let’s turn this around and talk about the solution not the problem. This week was one of overwhelming HOPE and FAITH, a deep feeling of humility, understand and gratitude. I want to share this with you no matter where you are right now in your life, I feel everyone can do this, we can all do this collectively. We can rise above all obstacles and see this Light at the end of the Rainbow. Our Universe alway works in perfect harm

Easter 2020

Happy Easter  from all of us at Reiki Balance Easter is here and we are still in isolation and confinement, it can be an emotional and sad time for everyone, same for those celebrating Passover,  we cannot gather and celebrate this day with family or friends, it is especially most difficult for our elders, moms, dads and grandparents this is a part of our tradition, religion, heritage and culture. We cannot gather in churches or any place of worship, but remember that we have our Temple within and free to go there anytime. Let us remember the crucifiction of Christ for humanity and look at us now, we are similarly doing the same.... We are amidst the same sorrow of the Crucifiction of Good F

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