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Waking Up

Awakening is the beginning of a journey to Spiritual recognition, not a destination to be attained but a journey to be traveled.

Breaking free from the herd and taking the other road, lifting the veil from the depths of darkness and deceit.

Awakening is not knowing how much you do know is knowing how much you don't know.

The destination is in the "Now", the present moment, the gifts that what we are offering and doing in this moment and time, that is an Awakened life, the Conscious Awareness of living from the Heart, transformation of Ego to Self, "the Truth"


The fuel that carries the Soul to its journey through the human body to recognize the Spiritual in all...

The continuous momentum in our everyday living...

Awakening is the recognition that we have a Soul with a purpose and we have an agenda that we are here to accomplish and bring to fruition, to take back your authentic power, Recognition that there is indeed a Higher Force and that we are All part of it.

Enlightenment is attained when the Light of the Awakened begins to Shine.

With Gratitude to Divine power for the continuous inspiration.


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