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The Year in Review

Its been awhile since my last post, not that I've been unavailable, on the contrary, this year has been very eventful to say the least.

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Much has happened this year but finding the right words are sometimes not ease when it comes to expressing Divine moments and events....Here is a brief summary ...

In May we set out to our second pilgrimage to Marmora with another overwhelming experience as the Blessed Mother knocked me off my feet once again and infused me with the courage and determination to continue to persevere on my path, with conviction and faith, that all my objectives come to light.

From that day forward I have been inspired to make a few changes at the Studio, introducing the Circle of Light, adding more availability for Reiki sessions, accommodating your needs for Spiritual healing and growth. I ensure that everyone that enters leaves motivated, inspired and enlightened.

A beautiful mural of Angel wings painted by Sophie, one of my students and massage therapist here at the studio, now graces the wall of my healing space, inspired by a combination of my inspiration and Sophie's vision and the Angels that guided will feel the wings of the angels embrace you and protect you

I am forever grateful to everyone that has been at the Studio for treatments, Reiki classes, and Healing Circles, sharing my Souls knowledge, supporting the Reiki movement and sharing all expression of Ourselves.

This year has gone by so quickly yet many profound and life changing situations have happened that just this one year seems more like a lifetime...

The losses of a family member and a dear friend, the passing of our Reiki lineage bearer and granddaughter of Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Furumoto,

the rekindling of old and encountering of new, restructuring of my outer and inner space and so on.....

Here are some photos...

The theme of this past year was the practice of the Ho' Oponopono, it has been very empowering with clients and with myself.

This mantra cleansed many past unresolved conditions that were stuck in an unforgiving energy, this ancient Hawaiian mantra acted like a vacuum, cleaning all stagnant negative situations and opened up new fields of clean space for new and fresh seeds to grow.

Healing and spiritual growth is done in layers, as one layer solidifies and gets stronger the other can then be built upon the solid foundation.

I've recently had a reading from a Spiritual Guru (will be present soon at the studio) about my past Souls journey, it all makes perfect sense where my passion and gifts are sourced from,

I am a descendant from the 7th Council of Light, the Angelics, ( help in Love, compassion, honor, protection, guidance; healing and release), ( for more info ... The Council of Light

I worked closely with Saint Anthony, and ancient Greek prophet... and recently now with Mother Teresa showing up in my dreams and telling me how we need to come together as a collective to bring loving light into the world, as darkness will bring destruction to Mother Earth.

It is why I am here, to help guide the lost with unconditional love and enlighten their mind so they can find their path to live in their natural state of Joy.

I am called to bring more awareness to the souls that still remain in the dark, despite their efforts, the veils have not yet lifted, there is a need for further teachings and deeper knowing, that has been and always will be, my driving force to continue on this path.

Through my own experiences I stand here today as an example and proof that with dedication and surrendering to the Highest Power, the Creator of ALL Existence, all can be achieved!

I teach from my own experiences, you can count on me for the tried and true.

As I continue to evolve into my authentic Soul- Self, I surrender and open myself to the steady flow of Divine downloads of information ready to process and bring to YOU!

The Identity that we all are looking for starts within ourselves in deprogramming our habitual re-active reactions, hence starting from the state of "ZERO" (Joe Vitale book "ZERO LIMITS")

we are all searching for our truth and authentic Self the "I" Dentity

Only in Re-awakening, the Past can we understand the Present and Re-programming

the Present we make way for a Brighter Future.

The truth is that there is endless Mysteries and I accept that Life is a forever journey without a destination, the ultimate state is "Essence" which is "LOVE", and even after this lifetime our Soul will continue its journey till it finds its ETERNAL LIGHT....


My True Self

birth given name

Pina, Giuseppa, Yosepha

(definition) God will Multiply / Attracts exuberance, keenness and commitment

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