Almost there!!!

I shall be back soon... less than 10 more days...I will resume all appointments as of August 6, ( see calendar for all details) classes and workshops will follow shortly thereafter. I will give you my feedback on my inner retreat experience as well.

Me Time!

Please note I will be taking a inner personal retreat the month of July...31 days of Gratitude. "Silence can give you all the answers you need to hear"

Spirituality Myths

Common Myths about Reiki and Spirituality August 26, 2017 Article by Ashwita Goel, Reiki Master This is a wonderful article from "Reiki Rays", explain very well what a Reiki Student, practitioner and Master may encounter. Truth be told... Please note that this is a shorter summarized version. Some students found that their family life got a lot harder after learning Reiki. Whenever they lost their temper, the family members would ask ‘oh so this is what your Reiki taught you? What’s the use if you still get angry?’ People commenting about others wondering how Reiki healers/ masters can behave in certain ways… Here are some of the most common myths and what the truth really is. Myth 1, Heale

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