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How to be YOU

To everyone that has been following my personal journey with Reiki, workshops, and overall Spiritual teachings.

You've all come to know that the main goal of my message is to empower everyone to be their True Authentic Self, to find their calling and be guided to their path and purpose...

What does that mean?

Well it simply means to see through the veil that has been covering our eyes and break the chains that have been restricting our SOULS expansion.

The Veil of conditioned belief that was told to us during our upbringing, by family ancestral beliefs and society.

The restrictions put upon us, what we can and cannot do, who we were told to be and who we were told to become.

Who you are is a Manifestation of the Divine Universal God.

We are here to experience all that HE has created, with Joy and Love and with His guidance to have the best life on this earth.

We are miserable because we are dictated by the ignorance and control of Man/Ego.

We can regain the power of Love and Joy simply by reconnecting with Divine,

by re-igniting the Flame within our Hearts and Fire up our Soul.

With Prayer and Meditation...

Prayer is communication with the Universe,

Prayer is speaking your truth to God,

Prayer is releasing and surrendering your troubles in the hands of the Divine and having Faith in the Universe to manifest your wishes,

in Divine timing for your Greatest and Highest Good.

Being INTIMATE with the "ONE" the "ALL that IS"...

"INTIMACY" = "IN" 'TO" "ME" "SEE", allowing the Divine to see deep within your HEART.

Meditation is giving the mind, space and time to receive guidance and answers.

The answers come through the Mind with vision and through the Heart with feelings.

The Spirit of the Divine comes through you,


The feeling of being INSPIRED is the Fire in your Soul...

when your actions are dictated by Divine Universe Guidance


Not what you are told to do and be from the outside,

but who you are Guided to be and do from the INSIDE,

Not a copy of some one else, but an original of YOURSELF!

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