Stop the Suffering

Bell let's Talk Day, January 30 - Feb. 01, 2018 What is the main cause of bodily discomforts we call "PAIN"? Whether its physical, emotional or mental all "Pains" are a result of congestion, blockages and suppression. The "CAUSE" is withheld and unreleased emotional trauma and/or situations. The "EFFECT" is physical distress via body and/or mind. Every Chakra center is related to body organs and function, retaining PAIN history, Eckhart Tolle refers to this as our ''PAIN BODY", when accumulated and not released they become blocked, stagnant and over time resulting in Pain and sometimes disease and illness, addictions, physical and mental distress. Our body also retains "Pain" in our memo

The three P's of Life

Passion, Purpose, Path Your Purpose is your Passion because it comes from your Heart and Soul, we are creators in everything we do. Finding your Purpose is filling the gap of that feeling of lack, incompleteness and void. What is the feeling that you want most to feel in your it love, nurturing, fame, fortune, acclamation... that is the feeling that you are here to fulfill. Your Passion is the radar to your Purpose. Your Passion is your Soul's gift and your Purpose is your gift to the Soul ... Purpose is whatever it may be, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing, teaching, It's as simply as that. Being that which is coming form the Soul. A time of Creation... That is what it is. That

The Child You Were Meant to Be.

Our INNER CHILD is the Curious, the Learner, the Seeker of Truth, the Pure, the Innocent, the Forgiving, the Playful, the Explorer... In healing our Inner Child we are healing our Soul. The Soul that has lived many lifetimes and the Child that has the memories, scars and experiences of Pain and Sorrow. The Child that seeks to be Heard, the Child that wants to be Loved, the Child that wants to be Free. We are here now to Bring the Soul back to its full Glory of Purity and Divine Light and Love. The INNER CHILD is our True Self, our Soul, our Heart, our Voice our Essence. Our Soul which IS and always will be a CHILD of the Divine God the ALL that IS and always will BE. The Child that had no W

Planting the SEEDS

Reiki It is neither a science or religion. It is knowledge and understanding in the form of spiritual awareness, self discovery and growth, shining the light to the path of healing. In Reiki the whole being is treated and harmonized, it is a true showering of grace and blessing. Reiki brings you to develop a sense of freedom and take charge of your life. Like peeling an onion, allowing to heal one layer at a time, shedding the burning tears. Reiki plants the seed of knowledge....but first dissolves, eliminates and unblocks, past toxins, emotional, mental, physical. Like a garden, in order to plant new seeds we must replace the soil, with clean, fertile, uncontaminated soil, once the seed is

YES you can!

I wish to share with you some success stories from my clients and students, to inspire you and to see the potential in yourself. (with their permission, some names are with-held for privacy) Reiki has given courage, guidance, clarity and purpose. Most of these woman started as clients receiving Reiki treatments in turn Reiki energy sparked a fire within some became eager students that saw the gifts that Reiki brings forth. There is a saying that the Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto, granddaughter of Hawayo Takata states " LET REIKI GUIDE YOU", By releasing blockages, emotional pain, cleansing and clearing they opened their channels to allow Divine Guidance to fulfill their needs, increase intui

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to my new site! I will be sharing my views an experiences on a regular basis, so stay connected for this new and exciting journey. I'll begin by reminding everyone that we are here on this planet earth to learn and evolve. We agreed to be here, we have a blue print we created with our guides before descending. Every situation is a lesson for us to learn from. All the people we meet have a purpose either to be our mirror, our student or our teacher. Take nothing for granted, look, listen and take notes, take time to understand and acknowledge. Every human is a shell that carries the Soul, we are all responsible for every action, every thought, every word we speak.

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