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Blue Solar Water


Blue Solar Water - A Powerful Ho’oponopono Tool

Water is very important, it is the source of all life, even our own bodies consist out of water for 75%.

Drinking a lot of water is not only very healthy but it is also a great problem-solving practice. Especially blue solar water, it is one of the most effective Ho’oponopono cleansing tools.


How to make blue solar water? 

  • Step 1. Take a blue glass bottle or container with a nonmetallic cover.  

  • Step 2. Pour tap water into the bottle.

  • Step 3. Place the blue glass bottle in the sun for at least 1 hour best outdoors in the spring or summer or the windowsill.

  • When the water is solarized, you can use it in several ways

  • drink it.

  • make coffee or tea with it. 

  • cook with it.

  • wash your fruits and vegetables with it.

  • rinse with it after you take a bath or shower.


Where to find a good solar water bottle?

Please make sure that your bottle is suited for drinking water, as some bottles are just for decoration and these might contain toxic metals! Some water or liquor brands use blue glass bottles, so these are surely safe to use. 
It is best to have a bottle with a nice deep blue cobalt color because they are more powerful.

An empty Sake or Sky vodka bottle is ideal



How does blue solar water work?

The natural color and frequency of water are BLUE, and preferably Cobalt Blue, the color of the deep ocean, its happy place. When you keep water in blue glass, it remembers its pure essence, and it returns to its original Zero State of innocence, where all negative frequencies are healed.
So you honor your water by holding it in a blue glass container and allow it to have its highest frequency, and this makes it possible for the water to carry your preferred intentions.

Then by placing your blue bottle into the sun, and adding the energy of the sunlight, your blue solar water is created. Drinking this water will cleanse you, it will help to clear your negative data and programming, it will bring the frequency of truth and will reveal who you truly are.
So by using the blue glass combined with the power of the sun you are purifying and healing the water, and when you drink it, it heals you too. 

Solar water therapy is also a great tool to raise the collective consciousness. This solar infused water voids memories replaying problems in your Subconscious mind. So go ahead, take a glass of water and drink plenty of it. Cheers!


This is what Dr. Hew Len has to say about solar water:

“The water works spiritually for us. When you drink it you say 'I am sorry, please forgive me' to Divinity. So you’re inviting Divinity to come into your heart and to erase anything that’s not you, that’s toxic. So the healing of problems, which are memories replaying, are always done spiritually first. Now only Divinity can solve the problems spiritually. So all of your problems start in your heart as memories replaying. 

The interesting thing is if you have that problem, you had it before, your family and relatives and ancestors had it. So now when you drink it, the idea is to clean it from you and get cleaned all the way back to the beginning, to your beginning ancestors. 

Drinking solar water is like paying off debts so drink lots of it! Drink as much as you can, put it in your food, put it in the coffee.


By healing the thoughts in you, you heal everything around you, I say “Thank you for being here” . So when you drink the solar water, it’s an appreciation for everything.”


Blue Solar Water Prayer

Water is the source of all life, it is everywhere and it is all connected, it is ONE. 
So it is very important that we are grateful for it and that we bless it. We can bless it by simply saying 'thank you, I love you', or with our positive thoughts and intentions, or just by feeling gratitude for it.


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