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The Challenges and the Glory

The Life of a Teacher/Spiritual guide comes with many challenges and lessons.

We are human beings just like everyone else, managing our own path and growth.

A Teacher is always a student and the challenges are the lessons they teach to the students.

We encounter many people in our circle and are often put in situations where disagreements, misunderstandings and conflicting situations arise.

Energies are high and sensitivity is fragile.

A Teacher cannot change the way people think and act, but as a Teacher our duty is to show compassion and find harmony for the well being of ALL, even if this means separation in order to neutralize the situation.

We as Teachers have the responsibility to teach the students to the best of our abilities as it is a reflection on us, to guide and to encourage the weak, with patience and non judgement.

A Teacher gives the student the tools and then it is up to them build their road.

We are here to see our students grow and branch out, either for personal development or to shine the light and way for others.

The greatest reward a Teacher has is to see their students succeed.

Just for today, I let go of Anger...anger is losing control of oneself with their own beliefs and thoughts.

Just for today, I let go of Worry...worry takes away the present moment and Faith in Divine.

Just for today, I will do my work with integrity and pure intentions to perform at your best abilities and sharing your talents with others.

Just for today, I am grateful for my many blessings...Gratitude for the little things that make everyday a big blessing.

Just for today, I will be kind to all living things...Kindness, patience, understanding and compassion.

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