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Shine the Light

This past Lunar eclipse cycle has brought about many hidden shadows and buried issues, I feel it upon myself and the people around me. Do you feel it too???

It is a time of revision and resolution, just like building a home ...a time to finish what was started, a time to touch things up to refresh and make new again or crumble it down and start over.

When situations from the past are not resolved they come back in a different form but same feeling, giving us another opportunity to make the correction. This is all part of our Soul journey and part of the experience we came to have. If we took a detour now the road came back to meet us.

Unless we take the time and energy to look deep and fix it this time around the "Mole" will become a Hill, a Mountain, a Volcano and erupt with fire and furry.

The Shadow will only dissolve once the light shines upon it. Upon ourselves and others.

So light those candles, flash the light as bright as can be and this time Really SEE!

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