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Healing 1, 2, 3

Why some people take longer to heal than others.

In some cases the person is still holding on to their ailments, this can manifest itself in many different ways, be-it physical, mental and emotional.

If the person is not willing to surrender and see what is beneath the surfaced the situation will remain as a constant reminder and present itself in many other forms, until the individual makes the necessary changes.

Here are the 3 main reasons why some people have difficulty healing.

1. Resistance to change.

Fear of change and breaking conditioned ways of thinking and traditions. Believing that life is unfair and meant for suffering. That you are being punished and believe that you are not worthy, undeserving to feel good, happy and have pleasure and joy. Attachment to old beliefs and patterns.

2. Negative expressions

Speaking negatively about everything, constant complaining about others and surroundings, nothing is good enough. Looking at glass half empty, lacking gratification.

Anger and hate. Lacking compassion and understanding.

3. Not Taking responsibility

Blame others for your unhappiness playing the Victim card. Loving the Drama and the attention it brings..."poor me", identification with illness... the person with the "XYZ" condition. Believing that all is external, being done to you. Fault of others.