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Reiki Legacy (updated 2021)

On this page I am honoring all the students that have taken Reiki classes at Reiki Balance.

I am very proud and grateful for having the opportunity to be a Light in their lives and spark the fire in their Heart, that they may continue to be a Light in their own life and the World.

*In respecting the privacy of certain individuals some names and pictures have been omitted upon their request.



Rebecca ( The Visionaries) I’ve looked up to Pina as my spiritual mentor since the first day I met her at one of her Intuitive Development classes in May 2017 — she is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and intuitive.

As a level 1 Reiki graduate and a repeat Intuitive Development student, I highly recommend all of her services and offerings — she has been a beacon of purple light and love in my life. Her profound passion for Reiki and spirituality is nothing short of inspiring and uplifting.

Pina’s guidance and teachings has been essential for me not only on my spiritual path, but in everyday life as well.

Thank you for everything, Pina!

Pina is very knowledgeable and teaches Reiki with integrity. Her generosity and wisdom fosters a positive learning environment. She is compassionate and creates a space that allows students to share their experiences and journey. I am grateful I met her.

🙏🏻Elisa Casella

JESSICA TOMMASETTI Reiki Balance Studio is my home away from home.

I have learned a great deal there. Pina is not only a teacher but a great mentor. She helped me down the path of light and love and I could not be more grateful for having met her. My experiences from Reiki Level 1-Master have been unimaginable. I have also learned so much about myself, my values and how to open up and grow my intuitive capabilities in Pina & Marisa's intuitive classes. Thank you so much for guiding me ladies. Forever grateful and thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and grown with over there too. The energy in Reiki-Balance Studio is magnetic and you feel it the minute you set foot through the door. Such a lovely experience that continues to stir my heart.


Jessica D.M.

Melina C.

Olivier G.

Kelsey Garvin

Isabella Terrasi

Pina Giglio (Mamma’s Arancini)

Olga Lemeshko

Beckii Adel (

Anonymous 1(N.O’D)

Anna Rafeli

Rose Villano

Daniela A.

Isabelle La.R.

Anya H.

Nicole Balch (The Beat 92.5)

Frank Bartoli (EMSB)

Maria Casella (CIUSS)

Nanor Tabakian (

Vanessa Riccio (

Antonella Rufolo

Lethicia Miville

Kayla D’Aloia (naturopath/trainer)

Elsa Beaudry

Gianna Grilli

Michelle Smook

Houria Black

Isabelle Dion

Vincenzo Di Caprio

Andria Dayna Barassi

Lina Iavanditti

Rosie Fata

Amanda Mini

Stephanie Monaco

Carole Costo

Justin Muniz

Egidio Fuoco

Antoinetta Di Manno

Sabrina Mastroianni


Joe Vitantonio (EMSB),

Christina T.

Lucia Piperni (Homeopath)

Margarita Martinez (scuba diver)

M. L.

Guylaine Belanger

Anonymous 2 (G.R.)

Doris Sousa

Elisa Lucia Casella

Anne Bonito

Cindy Scarfone (Nyani energy healing)

Hayley Twerdun (CliniSpa)

Anonymous 2 (G.R.)

Emmanuelle Martin (prof. Dancer)

Joel Brami

Carmela Fanelli

Maria Fatima Afonso (CIUSS)

Maude Paradis (opera Singer)

Nairi Agop

Tamara Breseford


Nadia Di Gerolamo (Nadia Divine)

Marisa Fritolli

Teresa T.

Jessica Tommasetti (Rock’n Rhapsody)

Tania Cucciniello (

Sophie Gagnon (Masso.phy.therapie/youtube.My Sophie therapy!)

Lisa Curtis (

Céline Girard (

Emilie Almontes Fovez (

Rosie Carpetti (Holistika)

Julie Aouad (social worker)

Gabrielle Allen Perreault (Model/prof. Dancer)

Tina Monaco (entrepreneur)

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