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Fly, fly away.

The Mommy bird creates a nest to lay her eggs to birth her young,

She shelters them from harm, she chews the food before she feeds them so the young can digest properly,

She teaches them to find food, shelter and spread their wings and fly,

Some of the young listen, watch and learn and fly away with comfort and ease, so the Mommy bird is proud and lets them leave.

Some of the young are in a hurry to explore and leave the nest sooner and the Mommy bird lets them leave but watches them from afar, but is always there when they need food, shelter and pick them up when their wings fail.

Some of the young have fear and hesitate to leave the comfort, security and warmth of the Mommy she tends to the young a little longer with patience, she reassure and encourages the young that only when it is ready, it may fly,

Mommy bird will always be there...

Always and forever, a Mother, Nurturer and Teacher.

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