Returning to Life

On this Easter weekend all Christians around the world will celebrate this Holiday, In remembrance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I send you all the many Blessings of the Holy Spirit, may you find Peace and Serenity. The Crucifixion of Jesus represents the wiping of personality out of consciousness. We deny the human self so that we may unite with the selfless. We give up the mortal so that we may attain the immortal. We dissolve the thought of the physical body so that we may realize the spiritual body. The Resurrection--The restoring of mind and body to their original, undying state. This is accomplished by the realization that God is Spirit and that God created man w

Strength in Numbers

Hope you are all doing well, as this Flu season is still upon us, some are over it and some will still be in it...but as M. Eckhart Tolle says, "This too shall pass". I'm recouping everyday getting stronger and YES, wiser too. LOL! The girls all came together for a wonderful Reiki Share last evening. This is what Reiki truly is and means...the coming together of one Breath, Heart and Energy. The experience and knowledge shared is priceless, seeing the vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness and opening our Mind and Hearts with deep compassion for one another. As it is Palm Sunday tomorrow many Christians celebrate this day with Joy and Hope. Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, Hosanna i

Me, Myself and I

I hope you had a chance to read my previous post "Pause and Re-set", here is a what transpired right's almost like my higher self was preparing me for this... My body ached and my head felt foggy and heavy, my throat scratchy ... I suspected an unexpected guest wanting to enter my body, "my home", I was a little reluctant at first but when I became weak at the knees I realized its time to acknowledged, surrendered and let it in. It started to slowly deplete my energy as it invaded my lungs and with every breath making a crackling and hacking sound. As it took over "my home" rendering my body sluggish and helpless. I began to comprehend it would be here for a while, I gave it the a

Pause and Re-set

Many of us have been feeling under the weather these past few days, as I hear these words over and over... "I'm trying to fight this cold/flu" as if our body is a war zone, a battle ground! That is cause for building more resistance. What we resist persists ! The word fight is causing havoc in our body, ...our body needs loving kindness and nurturing. The body is sending signals to slow down and pay attention to its needs. Don't respond with negative words and thoughts. The body needs encouragement and positive attitude. The body needs time and energy to heal itself and that includes our mental state and the words we speak. The body wants to reconnect with you, press the pause button and li


We are living in a world of human disconnect, Connected to the wires of the electronic field of speed and impatience, Fast paced with instant gratification. Numb and desensitized with our senses. The human field of energy is sluggish and stagnant, Lacking Spark and Glow, Left with the dying embers and ashes, Unplugged from Divine Source, Lost is the feeling and sense of awe and wonder, Lost is the feeling of joy and pleasure, Focused only on the destination and completion of the journey, Blind to the scenery along the path...of Life, Absent to human connection...touch, feel, speech, heart to heart. Unconscious in the space of humanness and the presence of Spirit, Impaired is the vision and t

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