The Marmora Experience

Included in this experience was Marisa, Doris, Anne and Maria (see part 3 for all pictures) This summer, I took a personal inner retreat and devoted myself to meditation, and prayer and self Reiki healing, I felt I needed something more, I always questioned my faith but something told me to just go for it and I devoted 31 days to prayer of the Rosary everyday at the same time. When Marisa told me about this Mother Mary of Marmora there was no doubt in my mind that I had to go. She had already been in May and her experience was incredible. At the beginning of the journey the person who organize the pilgrimage told everyone not to be surprised if we see people fall to the ground, this happens

Part 2

I am so proud that I decided to participate in the retreat to Marmora. I never saw myself taking this type of retreat, but the day turned out to be pleasantly surprised. The retreat left me feeling so much love and I truly derived a sense of peace which I believe we all crave. The final journey at Marmora where participants are able to experience meaningful connections. I am so thankful for this experience. Thank-you to Marisa and Pina for allowing me to share that day both of you. Maria Casella Anne's her own words... Heard voices of you ,Marissa, Doris and others but mostly the 3 of you. I was some where and not there. There were shapes of people and you were with these 2. The

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