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Stop the Suffering

Bell let's Talk Day, January 30 - Feb. 01, 2018

What is the main cause of bodily discomforts we call "PAIN"? Whether its physical, emotional or mental all "Pains" are a result of congestion, blockages and suppression.

The "CAUSE" is withheld and unreleased emotional trauma and/or situations.

The "EFFECT" is physical distress via body and/or mind.

Every Chakra center is related to body organs and function, retaining PAIN history,

Eckhart Tolle refers to this as our ''PAIN BODY", when accumulated and not released they become blocked, stagnant and over time resulting in Pain and sometimes disease and illness, addictions, physical and mental distress.

Our body also retains "Pain" in our memory cells beginning at birth through childhood etc., from ancestral inherited beliefs and conditioning, society, daily stress, work, financial burdens, etc.

Our body speaks to us daily, but we are not aware, in-tune or to busy to listen, our mind begins to fog, nothing seems clear, daily tasks become overwhelming, we feel stuck, lethargic, sadness, despair...We fight it, hide it, feel shameful, suffer in silence.

The first step is to SPEAK UP...Talk to your partner, sibling, parent, friend,


Get immediate professional help and combining with natural therapy and Spiritual guidance healing will begin.