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YES you can!

I wish to share with you some success stories from my clients and students, to inspire you and to see the potential in yourself. (with their permission, some names are with-held for privacy)

Reiki has given courage, guidance, clarity and purpose.

Most of these woman started as clients receiving Reiki treatments in turn Reiki energy sparked a fire within some became eager students that saw the gifts that Reiki brings forth.

There is a saying that the Grand Master Phyllis Furumoto, granddaughter of Hawayo Takata states " LET REIKI GUIDE YOU",

By releasing blockages, emotional pain, cleansing and clearing they opened their channels to allow Divine Guidance to fulfill their needs, increase intuition and find their purpose.

Women with broken relationships were able to find closure, courage and strength and the means to stand on their own two feet fearlessly and regaining self-esteem.

Woman driven to continue their education regardless of their age and time in their life,

to follow their dream in natural healing.

Woman finding the courage to follow a vision and passion, regaining their worthiness and creating a successful business... Meet Pina G. at Mamma's Arancini.

Woman finding out who they truly are and what they are made of, finding a place in this world and beyond, uncovering hidden gifts and talents buried deep within, a vibrant, outgoing, Soul with great vision and spark... Meet Beckii at &

There are much more truly inspirational people, woman and men, that have gained immense benefits just by aligning their body, mind and spirit without resistance and accepting that life is a force that has its own rhythm. Every situation is a lesson that is meant to teach us, Reiki will release the blockages and bring to light the issues so solutions can take place.

Peace, Love and Reiki On!


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