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The Child You Were Meant to Be.

Our INNER CHILD is the Curious, the Learner, the Seeker of Truth, the Pure, the Innocent, the Forgiving, the Playful, the Explorer...

In healing our Inner Child we are healing our Soul. The Soul that has lived many lifetimes and the Child that has the memories, scars and experiences of Pain and Sorrow.

The Child that seeks to be Heard, the Child that wants to be Loved, the Child that wants to be Free.

We are here now to Bring the Soul back to its full Glory of Purity and Divine Light and Love.

The INNER CHILD is our True Self, our Soul, our Heart, our Voice our Essence.

Our Soul which IS and always will be a CHILD of the Divine God the ALL that IS and always will BE.

The Child that had no Words

The Child that had no Choice

The Child that had no Safety

The Child that had no Shelter

The Child that had no Love

Embrace this Child in your Loving Heart,

Let it Unite with its Soul and Live Again.

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