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The three P's of Life

Passion, Purpose, Path

Your Purpose is your Passion because it comes from your Heart and Soul, we are creators in everything we do.

Finding your Purpose is filling the gap of that feeling of lack, incompleteness and void.

What is the feeling that you want most to feel in your it love, nurturing, fame, fortune, acclamation... that is the feeling that you are here to fulfill.

Your Passion is the radar to your Purpose.

Your Passion is your Soul's gift and your Purpose is your gift to the Soul ...

Purpose is whatever it may be, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing, teaching, It's as simply as that.

Being that which is coming form the Soul. A time of Creation... That is what it is. That very moment of pure peace, and contentment, and sense of worthiness and accomplishment that you feel for yourself. Only you know what that is. No one else can tell you. The feeling when you and the doing are one!

Once that is uncovered the light to your Path will shine, your Divine guidance will be by your side every step of the way as all will unfold.

I am that which I Create with the Creator

I Create with my Heart and Soul

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