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Planting the SEEDS


It is neither a science or religion. It is knowledge and understanding in the form of spiritual awareness, self discovery and growth, shining the light to the path of healing.

In Reiki the whole being is treated and harmonized, it is a true showering of grace and blessing.

Reiki brings you to develop a sense of freedom and take charge of your life.

Like peeling an onion, allowing to heal one layer at a time, shedding the burning tears.

Reiki plants the seed of knowledge....but first dissolves, eliminates and unblocks, past toxins, emotional, mental, physical.

Like a garden, in order to plant new seeds we must replace the soil, with clean, fertile,

uncontaminated soil, once the seed is planted we incorporated all the elements in-order for growth to take place.

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire....

Earth/the Foundation, the Mother, the Womb, Water/Food, Flow, Nourish, Support, Wind/air, breath, life, Fire/sun, heat, passion, desire.

Growth begins, once the seed is lovingly planted....what kind of plant will you be, what direction will you go and how will you be of service to world.

Fruit tree...bear fruit, feed others,....very versatile...replant the seed, creation, feeding and sustaining.

Maple tree, oozing with sweetness, flowing with ease... ever changing color, shedding with the seasons and time.

Vine...keep climbing on and on....spreading your roots...clinging/perseverance and persistence to succeed in life.

Flower....beautiful and scented...pleasing all the of self.

Cactus.....prickly and poking....resilient, retaining information like water, living and thriving in tough conditions.

Transform the layers of illusion into clarity and wisdom, convert all negative thoughts into compost and fertilizer to nourish and grow good and beautiful fruit, the fruits of compassion that you will offer to the world.


Establish peace in your heart and soul, in regular cleansing we

Treat the ozone layer of fears,

Reduce the smog of anger,

Manage and recycle all emotional garbage,

Purify the air from worries,

Clean the beaches of conflict and the oceans of ignorance.

Let Reiki be the light that shines your path with Divine Guidance.l

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