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On the flip side of PAIN

I came across this poem I got from my Reiki Master Teacher Sister Marielle Patenaude.

We have all experienced and will continue to experience many forms of "PAIN" in our life time.

Here is a different perspective from the "PAIN" next time "PAIN" comes knocking at your door...

The Pain Monologue

Hi it's me, "Pain" do you recognize me?

But yes!

Everyone has made my acquaintance at sometime or another.

Its been said that I am cruel,

How mean!

They try to silence me by every means;

some anesthetize with drugs, medication and alcohol others call for help from doctors, healers and charlatans, without mentioning the burning of incense and chanting of sermons.

All that, for what?

To purify? But no!

To Heal? Even less!

All this arsenal to silence me.

I, "Pain", so deeply loving,

So gentle to those who know me,

I come to advise you and guide you,

I announce myself through pokes and pinches, oh! so gentle!

Welcome me as your friend,

I have a message for you...

The nature of his great wisdom,

is to give to man, the rules of life...

Distant yourself from bad habits give your body the air, the nourishment,

the water and exercise it needs.

Work modestly,

fill your mind and heart with pure and noble thoughts,

distance yourself from fear and hate,

pursue beauty and harmony.

When you have gotten all this..

I will depart...

You will no longer need me.

I, "Pain", tell you... I hurt you, it's true!

But I wish you no harm.

I want to warn you and to heal you.

I am the best missionary of God.

I will guide you to the path of wisdom.

It's Me..."PAIN"

Love me, So...

Listen to me.

I'm bringing PEACE!

(Translated by me, from French version by, C.J. Buell, Monoloque de la Douleur)

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