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What do YOU Believe?

I'm often asked what do I believe to be true...

All I can say is what I know to be true is through my own experiences.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend...

I am living and I will die, my life serves a purpose to myself and to others.

What I believe to be true

I am here to learn lessons from all my experiences,

That the there IS a Higher Power,

I am a Speck from one Spark and given Life from one Breath, created on purpose,

The Universe is a never ending force that flows within me, that is where I came from and always be part off.

What I believe to be true

I have a place in this world,

I chose my path and my mission on this journey, is to accomplish it,

Everything in my life from childhood has set me up for my path and purpose,

there is no coincidences only Divine interventions,

What I believe to be true

My mind can be my greatest friend and enemy,

My thoughts and beliefs create peace or chaos in my life,

I am not my conditioned inherited belief, I am not who I was told to be,

I am greater than what I was lead to believe or think,

What I believe to be true

I have the power to tap into the Universal Force,

My body ( Soul) speaks to me always,

Illness is created in my body when I resist the truth,

I can heal myself when I surrender and accept change,

Forgiveness starts within myself, when we know better we do better,

What I believe to be true

Every encounter in my life is there to show me who I really am,

People, situations or events are either a reflection of myself, a student to teach

or teacher to teach me,

I cannot change anyone, only change myself

No one escapes Karma,

What I believe to be true

I cannot take away someone's pains only BE the space of compassion,

I have mastered anger, worry and working on patience

I have learnt that envy only blocks abundance for oneself, it sends a message

to the Universe the belief that there is not enough,

What I believe to be true

I am stronger because I have faced the darkness,

Saying "NO" is OK.

I am the Master of my life,

The sun will always shine,

What I believe to be true... That knowledge is power,

That Gratitude is key to abundance.

That Faith in Divine creates Miracles,

That Love is the ultimate state of Eternal Existence,

That Life and Death is a mystery and I will never know for sure.

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