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Me, Myself and I

I hope you had a chance to read my previous post "Pause and Re-set", here is a what transpired right's almost like my higher self was preparing me for this...

My body ached and my head felt foggy and heavy, my throat scratchy ...

I suspected an unexpected guest wanting to enter my body, "my home", I was a little reluctant at first but when I became weak at the knees I realized its time to acknowledged, surrendered and let it in.

It started to slowly deplete my energy as it invaded my lungs and with every breath making a crackling and hacking sound. As it took over "my home" rendering my body sluggish and helpless.

I began to comprehend it would be here for a while, I gave it the attention it needed and tended to its needs,

Like a good hostess I gave it the softest pillows the best sheets and blankets, most comfy robe and slippers.

I offered it the warmest herbal teas, chicken soup and natural home remedies.

This unexpected guest seemed to want to stay longer than I was ready for, I let it have all the time it needed and I told "my home" that it came for a reason which is to "Pause and Re-set", and I will treat it with loving kindness.

I continuously treated the guest with Reiki and positive affirmations I told it to leave as soon as it felt it accomplished it mission. It gradually gave me back my energy. It left the robe and slippers and put on some clothes, its scent of "Vick's Vaporub" still lingers.

I thank it for allowing me to STOP and step back and regain my perspective and re-adjust my priorities. Giving of oneself is physically and emotionally depleting when we don't continuously replenish.

I realized that the Ego self had taken over claiming guilty feelings of being inadequately weak and lacking superwoman qualities. Why are you not doing, doing, doing.....

As my self healing Reiki sessions continued I slowly regained the clarity of thought, suppressing the Ego and uplifting the SELF, the congestion slowly lifted and "my

home" progressed to heal.

In all illnesses there are lessons...mine was "don't push or force", "let things be as they are, all will and can be resolved with or without ME!

As I looked back I did receive a notice, but ignored it...

Note to Self...when I hear the whispers I will listen before they come-a-knocking and knock me out!

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