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We are living in a world of human disconnect,

Connected to the wires of the electronic field of speed and impatience,

Fast paced with instant gratification.

Numb and desensitized with our senses.

The human field of energy is sluggish and stagnant,

Lacking Spark and Glow,

Left with the dying embers and ashes,

Unplugged from Divine Source,

Lost is the feeling and sense of awe and wonder,

Lost is the feeling of joy and pleasure,

Focused only on the destination and completion of the journey,

Blind to the scenery along the path...of Life,

Absent to human connection...touch, feel, speech, heart to heart.

Unconscious in the space of humanness and the presence of Spirit,

Impaired is the vision and the depth of eye to eye contact... the Windows to the Soul,

Lost is the essence of our presence, the breath that we share...the Breath that connects and gives us unison,

Stuck in our bubble and space, constricted to the flow of air,

The Breath and the connection to the Universe that is Life.

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