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Part 2

I am so proud that I decided to participate in the retreat to Marmora. I never saw myself taking this type of retreat, but the day turned out to be pleasantly surprised. The retreat left me feeling so much love and I truly derived a sense of peace which I believe we all crave. The final journey at Marmora where participants are able to experience meaningful connections.

I am so thankful for this experience. Thank-you to Marisa and Pina for allowing me to share that day both of you. Maria Casella

Anne's her own words...

Heard voices of you ,Marissa, Doris and others but mostly the 3 of you.

I was some where and not there. There were shapes of people and you were with these 2. The other 2 were of Jesus and Mary. I knew it was them for the feelings and the body frames (shape) it was as if they were coming to me and you were with them.

I could not see them clearly but I saw you.

I was afraid for in my mind I kept saying I do not want to die. 🤗 for I did not want to leave my kids.☺ I was trying so hard to get up I felt so heavy as I was trying to stop whatever was happening l felt my right leg being stroked by some gently and after there was someone there that did it.

I felt scared. I remember the past and was worried, but I told myself that you guys are there.

I felt that it was not from someone there.

I don't know if it was a dream or not but I did see myself a little girl walking away with them. I thought it was my daughter, but because we looked so alike at that age I was made known it was me.

I would say any where between 3 to 5, while you were with them there was this beam of light over the 3 of you. I also saw Marissa but for some reason she look away.

I did feel a change about myself after that as if a weight was lift away, let's just say my life has not being the same.

The lights such as blue, purple, green, white has being a constant thing with me now.

I did Reiki for 1 hr. I called upon Mary for I had to she was there. I could not by pass her..not that I wanted to. I do see her a lot when I am doing it on myself.🤗

When I did Reiki on my friend she was above her with this big crystal ball in her hands.

She is my companion now. I found myself reciting the Rosary in my head for some reason

I cannot help it.

The feeling of the warmth, that started station 10, that is where I felt my legs were going to double under me, got scared and moved from there, another thing, the tears. I did not understand why that happened...

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