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The Marmora Experience

Included in this experience was Marisa, Doris, Anne and Maria

(see part 3 for all pictures)

This summer, I took a personal inner retreat and devoted myself to meditation, and prayer and self Reiki healing, I felt I needed something more, I always questioned my faith but something told me to just go for it and I devoted 31 days to prayer of the Rosary everyday at the same time.

When Marisa told me about this Mother Mary of Marmora there was no doubt in my mind that I had to go. She had already been in May and her experience was incredible.

At the beginning of the journey the person who organize the pilgrimage told everyone not to be surprised if we see people fall to the ground, this happens frequently, whether it's from their faith or the intense energy. They do not get hurt and let them be till they come too on their own.

The 4 hour bus ride was filled with song and prayer. Time actually flew as we chatted with friends and admired the view, there were many clouds and as we got closer the clouds disappeared to reveal a brilliantly lit sky of golden sunshine.

We proceeded to follow the crowd stopping station to station to sing, pray and touch the many statues that graced the land.

At the first station a women fell to the ground then another and another...I was in shock at first and curious to know how that happens and what they feel in that moment.

As we proceed to follow the stations it became a common event of women falling to the ground. At least two to three every time. At some point half way thru the remainder of the stations of the cross I felt my body swaying back and forth every so often, like an energy force moving my body, not making anything of it, I still proceeded to continue. Some of the other ladies expressed the same feeling.

I brought an offering to leave behind and was looking for the right place to leave it. I had filled a cloth pouch with sea shells as an offering and gratitude for my love of the ocean with a message written on one of the shells. I had just expressed to Doris I still hadn't found the right spot for the offering.

Then almost towards the end, I believe it was the second last station, I looked down at my feet a saw a bunch of sea shells embedded in cement around a statue of Mother Mary which was encased in a glass case. I felt my jaw drop open in excitement and called out to Doris and Maria to show her how appropriate this was and tied my bundle on to one of the twigs.

There were many emotions and tears along the way between the group of ladies I was with.

Emotions arising from past hurt and memories all coming to the forefront to be finally released and emptied into the hands of the Blessed Mother.

As we gathered to receive personal blessings we all held hands forming a circle where song and prayer filling the air.

At this point I felt my hands let go of the ladies beside me, the feeling this time was even more intense, I felt my body swaying being pulled and pushed frontwards and a voice said to me "LET GO", and I did...I fell to the ground, my body paralyzed and almost blinded by a bright white light. I didn't recall much till I felt my heart racing and breathing heavily I opened my eyes almost feeling reluctant to awaken. I felt embraced by a deep love and blanketed by a warmth I can't describe, the pain I came to release was finally taken away

by the Blessed Mother and Divine Source.

Apparently I was down for 2 to 3 minutes...With the help of the ladies around me I was lifted up, my legs still weak, I was speechless and still trying to understand what had just happened, I wanted to keep feeling that feeling all over again.

We then proceeded to line up to receive our individual blessings.

Tears flowed from my friends cheeks as they were deeply touched by the messages they receive. It was like the Minister knew what they carried within their hearts.

As Anne came from having had her turn, she said to me, " Pina, I think I'm gonna go,

I feel my legs weak", I told her to surrender and down she went, as I held out my arms I gently laid her down on the ground...we then waited for her to awaken.

As Anne came too and she expressed her vision ...In her words... (see part 2)

As we gathered to begin our way down the hill people started staring at the sky, as I looked up, the sun was pulsing in a light blue color and a ray of purple and green surrounded it, I began to look around the trees spots of golden Orbs began to appear and all of a sudden there were hundreds of glowing golden Orbs all among the trees. I couldn't believe what was happening. We all looked at each other, pointing at the disbelief.

Anne went down a second time.

I was glad that everyone saw it too otherwise no one would have believed it. There was another bus of people from Ottawa as well, and we just stood with our heads up awestruck at what we were witnessing.

I leave you with that... ( see pictures in slide show part 3)

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