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Reiki On!

Once again this week I've had the pleasure in initiating another wonderful group of Reiki Level ll practitioners.

My proudest moments by far is seeing the students with their certificate in hand!

Over the years of teaching Reiki, the most challenging and rewarding for me is teaching

Level 1. it's like giving a present that keeps on giving, the students can use for the rest of their lives, the Gift of deep and intimate connection with the Divine Universal Power that IS, WAS and always will BE.

I've witnessing the overwhelming flow of emotions the students experience during the attunement ceremony. Every student experiences this in their own unique way...the "ah ha" moments, the visions of Divine presence, the feeling of warmth and tingling in the hands, a sense of calmness and peace.

I sense the eagerness in the students wanting to immediately experiment and get their hands on practice.

I teach the student to fully experience the energy within themselves, see what Reiki brings to light. It takes time, patience and self discipline, I encourage Reiki shares and practice, practice, practice...

I can't express enough the importance of daily self treatments, which is taught in Level l, this practice should become a natural part of day to day routine, just like brushing your

teeth...letting the Reiki Universal energy break free any barriers and blockages within the self to bring forth Clarity in Mind, Strength in Body and Unity with the One Divine source. This daily practice is essential in Creating the space within the Self in-order to become a clear and open channel for Reiki energy to flow freely.

Another important fact about Reiki is letting Reiki guide you, become an open-hearted vessel to transmit the energy and detachment from outcome. Reiki will give you/recipient what you need not what you/recipient think you want!

Reiki will always flow where it needs to go...

"Let it Flow and Let it Go"

The daily practice of reciting the Reiki Precepts will further shift the conditioned mind to bring forth compassion and non-judgment upon others and promote a healthy and loving way of living.

Living Life in Harmony and Balance...


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