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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Blessings,

As I reflect upon the past season, there were some difficult times and glorious moments.

Tears and Laughter, Losses and Gains,

All experiences that I would not have missed for the world...all have made me stronger, wiser and humble.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am delighted to also be celebrating my Birthday, I can not describe the joy and gratitude I feel to have these two events all in one day. Being with my Family... my rocks, my sunshine, the very reason I live and breathe everyday.

Through thick and thin we support and love unconditionally.

I also wish to extend my Gratitude to All the Lovely Souls that have been part of Reiki Balance past and present, clients, students, participants.

You ALL keep me inspired and motivated allowing me to keep on this path and fulfilling my purpose.

With Sincere and Deepest Gratitude,

I Thank You.

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