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Tipping the Scales

Being born under the sign of Libra I've come to realize how sensitive I am to imbalance...

In the month of June I was feeling a sense of disconnect with myself and everything around me including work and family, it felt like I was juggling but never catching the balls.

Which lead me to decide on taking a break, which was much more need than I thought. Physically tired and mentally foggy.

I decided to drastically step back and go within myself to review my priorities. (BTW we should all be doing this on a regular basis). What works now might not work out six months to a year from now.

Change is Good...and NOT to be feared.

I took the time each day for 31 days to pray, meditate and express gratitude for the little things that I had taken for granted.

Many Events unfolded within that period that brought me back to a time in my life that I thought I would not see again. I spiraled backwards for a few weeks, but didn't allow my mind to go with it. I decided (I admit I was ressistant) to accept what was before me and ride the wave knowing that it will eventually reach the shore.

I realized that I lost my footing and fell off the scale of balance.

Physical fatigue from juggling took its toll, I was no Wonder-woman after all...

Mentally accepting this was a challenge, but I began the review backwards and recounted all events leading to this point and where all the signals were and how the Divine Universe was showing me, where did I stubble and how could I get back into balance.

Everyday is a new day, I told myself, every moment is a new moment.

I had to reorganize my priorities and hence realized where I stepped off the scale, my heart was somewhere else and in my mind I wanted to do it all. Feelings of guilt of not being more present with family and trying to help everyone resolve their issues, frustration kicked in. I can only be the flame and allow everyone to light their own candle.

In Reiki we need to forgo all results and allow the energy to reveal to the individual what they need for themselves, letting go of all attachment...well at some point I got attached.

Grounding, cutting cords and self healing is essential for long term balance.

Waking up everyday and setting goals... for this day only.

This 31 day challenge was a blessing, removing all caffeine has allowed my body to awaken at its own pace, regular cleansing baths with salts and herbs for relaxing, lots of walking and being in nature, prayer and meditation as well as self healing, including a visiting to my Mentor/Teacher for a Re-birthing session to remove all residual stagnant energy from my memory cells.

I have now put my feet back on the Scales and strive to keep myself in Balanced.

I Teach what I now for sure through my own experiences. I feel, at times, that the Divine uses me so I can be a true example for my students. I surrender and accept all that lies before me and will no longer impose my desires and wishes but Allow the desires and wishes that is for My Greatest and Highest Good guided from the Divine Universe.

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