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Divine Remedies

In reference to this weeks tragic losses of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain taking their lives...and in respect to all others passed through-out the years...

it has left me with a sinking heart, in having experienced my own darkness, I am here today because I spoke up and had the support of family and friends and reconnected myself with the Divine, I opened my mind and heart to listen and accept the guidance and let the hand of God bring me to where I am today.

Many Blessings to you all, PLEASE SPEAK UP, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE...

This is a Poem handout from My Teacher, Sister M. Patenaude (translated into English)

Hospital of the Lord

I went to the Hospital of the Lord for a routine check up,

I found out that I was sick.

When the Lord took my pressure he stated it was Low on Tenderness.

When he took my temperature, the thermometer was at 40° of egoism.

He took an electrocardiogram and said I needed a bypass of Love.

My veins were blocked by my lack of open Heartedness.

On the orthopedic side I had difficulty walking from one side to the other.

I had difficulty embracing my brothers & sisters.

By forcing my vanity, I had fractures in my arms.

I had myopia, from not see beyond appearances.

The lord complained that I couldn't hear him.

The cause being a plug provoked from the daily flow of shallow words.

Thank you Lord, by your mercy, your consultation did not cost me anything.

But I promise, after following your treatments and receiving the hospital release,

I will use only the natural remedies that you have indicated and are written in the prescription book of the GOSPEL OF LIFE WRITTEN BY THE LORD DIVINE

I will take, as I awake, a tea of Thank you Lord.

and start my day at work, with a tablespoon of Good day to my brothers & sisters

And from hour to hour, a pill of patience with a half glass of humanity.

Oh Lord! Upon arriving at home, I will take an injection of Love,

at bed time, two capsules of clear consciousness.

Also, Lord, I am certain, I will not remain ill. I promise to extend this preventative treatment all of my Life.

So that, when you call me, I will have died naturally.

Thank you Lord, and pardon me for having taken your time.

Your Eternal Patient.

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